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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Third Hotspot Progress

This week's hot spot in Simple Mom's Project Simplify is the kid's toys or clothes.  Since we did a big sort out after Christmas of their toys, I decided to focus on the girl's clothes.  For the past few months the girls have been getting dressed out of laundry baskets in my room...the laundry just didn't make it up to their rooms.  Their drawers were filled with clothes that either didn't fit anymore or that they wouldn't wear.  So this week I spent one morning with each of the girls going through their clothes.

I really wish we had taken a before picture but this is the after picture of the closet they share...previously it was stuffed with clothes that didn't fit anymore and I couldn't even get the door closed!
 So the results of this week's work are...
three bags of clothes going to storage for the girl's next sizes...three bags gone to the dump ( a combination of garbage from their rooms and clothes that are stained, torn, etc) and two full bags being handed down to our little cousin Julia!
It is amazing how light our house is starting to feel...it is so nice to be able to do a load of laundry and send the girls upstairs to their rooms to put it away. 
Two more hot spots to go!  I wonder what will be next...for me the next spots would be crafty stuff (the kids and mine) and oh some day I would love to tackle the sheds outside...some day, but definitely not today :)

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  1. I haven't been doing all of these simplifying things but it did get me cleaning out D's side of the closet ... I've given most of his clothes away now. I've saved a few things that I can wear around the house and a few that I just can't give yet.