A diary of the projects, hurdles, rewards and family life at we recorded at Wise Acres, our former homestead in Horsefly, BC. (Careers and teenagers have forced us back into the city, at least for a little while.)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Ode to Great Neighbours, Friends and Nana

We have moved! Thanks to the herculean efforts of my mom (aka Nana), the agility and spatial powers of Erich and Jesse (our wonderful hired hand...who is available for booking all summer ;)...our house is completely emptied and immaculate and all of our possessions are safely tucked away in boxes and in storage...phew!

This is the first time since Erich and I have become Erich and I and three kids, that we have packed and moved ourselves and wow...hope I never have to do that again. So now we have ten days of relative lollygagging before we have to do it all again...load up the truck from our storage space and head off to Horsefly. Thanks to the generosity of Barb (Jesse's mom) we have the most warm and comfortable temporary digs..just down the street while I finish off working at Jon (Barb's other son) and Michelle's place, taking care of E. and J.

Over the past few days, neighbours have graciously hosted our children for playdates, offered their help and truly gone above and beyond and Erich and I feel so very grateful and blessed by the kindness. We will miss everyone and hope you will do us the honour of returning the hospitality sometime in Horsefly!

Our last meal in the house...

Bye for now Shannon Lake!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Support of e-Bills

We're moving soon. Since we are moving ourselves this time (we had movers for the Ontario to BC migration) we are doing a fair bit of vetting.

I've spent that last few days shredding reams of paper. For some reason, I've hoarded old bill statements. Some of these, from our first house (bought in 1996), have been moved four times and I don't want to make it five!

So, I now vow to opt into any e-billing program our
service providers have.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crazy for chickens

Isn't that a beautiful looking chicken?

All the subjects have been removed from the offer on our house, so now we are seriously moving ahead with things. We went to pick up the dogs today...they had been at "camp" at the most wonderful kennel, Whiskers and Woofers, while we were in the process of selling our house. Sandee, one of the owners and the most fabulous pet sitter you could ever meet, treated us to a grand tour of her property and introduced us to her chickens. They are red sex-links and she has about 60 of them! I wish I had a camera for the looks on the girls faces when she opened the door to the chicken house and all 60 chickens came out to greet us. All three girls had a chance to feed them and were so delighted to be followed around by all those chickens. I got to hold a few and I think I fell in love! They are so soft and they will let you pick them up and stroke their stomachs and the chortling sound they make is just way too funny. Sandy has offered us a few to take with us to get our flock started and we hoping to get some that look like this...

next spring!

We will be busy studying this book for the next few weeks...

and it looks like one of our first projects will have to be the chicken house!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

YAY...we sold our house!

After a bit of back and forthing...we have accepted an offer on our house! It is a little less than we were hoping for and the timeline is quite short...closing on May 28th...but we were starting to feel a little desperate! You may have noticed from a slowdown in our posting...that we were starting to feel a little discouraged about the whole move and wondering if it would happen at all! So now we are back on track and eager to get some of our projects underway. Stay tuned!

(Sorry if you have trouble reading the coloured fonts...this is what happens when you write a blog post with an audience...I find it amazing that G knew exactly what the text colour icon meant and I had no idea ;)