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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Good Start

I have been itching to get my house organized for Spring, but as usual things come up and must be dealt with, so I am a little behind but today I made a good start!  So the first challenge in the Simple Mom Project Simplify was the master closet...Erich is out of town at the moment so I couldn't really get him on board, but I did manage to tackle mine.  Here are the before pics...

Before I post the after pics...the picture above is where I usually get my clothes from.  The hanging part of the closet has basically contained clothes I rarely to never wear so I don't even go in there and then my dresser (which was difficult to get a photo of) was full of old and stained T-shirts so I don't usually go in there either.  Now the after pics...

Admittedly I have a few pairs of pants in the laundry still but this is basically my day to day clothes, and now that I got rid of all those clothes I rarely wear, I can put my 'town' clothes in my closet!
T-shirts and long sleeve shirts are in my dresser...and these are headed to the Share Shed, with one bag of those worn out or stained shirts going to the dump!
So while I was revelling in the glory of my organized closet, I thought I would get started on this week's challenge which is to organize the 'paper' in the house.  A couple of months ago, I organized my desk and came up with this little clutter buster...

It works pretty well as a stopping point for paper until it either gets used, taken action of or filed away permanently.  It works fairly well as long as I check my to do file regularly!  Still things accumulate in nooks and crannies in my house so I thought I would start at one corner and work my way through the house.  Here is the corner in my kitchen...before...

Things seem to pile up here...it is kind of a landing spot because it is right beside the front door.  I also keep magnets on the fridge so I put school newsletter etc. there and the odd piece of artwork for display.  I decided to get rid of the magnets and put newsletters etc. right into my little clutterbuster...so out went the magnets.  I decided to keep the calendar because the girls like to keep track of things and it is helpful to keep Erich in the loop with upcoming activities.
I also cleaned the fridge and microwave while I was there...ick!

Tomorrow I will be collecting up the paper stuff from around the rest of the living room, dining room and my bedroom.  I can't wait to see what next week's hot spot will be!!!

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