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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Water Footprints?

Here's an interesting chart that caught my eye today.

It points out some well-known and lesser-well-known choices one could make to lessen one's water use.

GOOD Transparency - Walk This Way [GOOD Magazine via Serious Eats via Lifehacker]

I'm going to assume they mean industrial beef, rather than grass-fed beef. I'm not saying grass-feeding uses no water, but I suspect it uses less.


  1. Interesting...but I still don't believe that I use 20 gallons of water to wash my dishes.

  2. I don't believe I use 20 gallons to wash dishes either! My in-laws uses to have a dishwasher and I hated the noise, the chemical taste on the dishes after, the wear and tear on the dishes. AND, by the time you rinsed (and I don't care what they say you have to rinse if not washing immediately), loaded and unloaded the darn thing, one didn't save a whole lot of time either ... let alone having to have a gazillion dishes on hand so one had dishes to eat off of until the thing filled up. AND one still had to do the pots by hand. I wouldn't have one! I think those figures are why off the beam. My rant for the day.

  3. Hi Joanne,

    I loved your Sheep movie and the song to go with! I left you a comment on the You Tube site. I think you've chosen a great life.