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Saturday, March 14, 2009

From there to here

Recently a friend of mine posted some pictures of their family trip to the CN Tower in Toronto..

Since we moved to BC, almost three years ago, I have been back only once. As the plane was landing I was struck by how flat and crowded it all looked, just like these photos taken from the tower. This shot is looking North, the suburb where I was born is likely way up there somewhere on the horizon...

This shot is looking west from the tower...

This is the condo where we lived when G. turned one...my how time flies! (It's the same pic as above I just couldn't figure out how to circle the building in the photo)

Toronto is an amazing city and Front Street was a great location. We lived within walking distance of Queen Street West, the Skydome, Harbourfront and the public transit system is top-notch. On my street car ride to work I would often pass by a couple of stout, elderly women dressed in black heading to the morning mass at the Portuguese church, up Bathurst St. past nightclubs, funky second-hand clothing shops through Chinatown, past the University of Toronto and Queen's Park and end up at College/Bay, watching all of the 'suits' hustling down Bay St. to their respective towers. It's hard to believe now, that we use to argue about where we would eat dinner..."Sushi? no we had that on Tuesday...Greek? Nah, we had that for lunch...Indian? ...well okay."

And now we're here...the green roofed house in the middle is ours...you can kind of see by the tree lines where our property extends to...

...feels great! While I loved the urban lifestyle, I can't say I miss it. Next week we are heading to Vancouver to visit my mom...we are overdue for a visit...I'm looking forward to seeing her but I know a few days of city life and I will be getting itchy feet for my country bliss.

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  1. One can sort of get used to the city but it is ever SO good to get back to the Cariboo.

    Have a good visit with your Mither!