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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Growing on Aspens

We're one month into winter-the-season, and there's likely almost 4 months left of winter-the-reality, and I can see how it can start to bring people down. Folks crave southern climes, sunny beaches and lighter clothes.

But winter here redeems itself. The girls are outside every day for a few hours, and there are phenomena that are truly awe-inspiring.

We've had fog over the past few days, but it's still been below freezing. The result is the growth of frost on any and everything - branches, fences, weather stations (which I have to knock off or the anemometer doesn't work).

UPDATE 1: No we didn't get 20 Icelandic horses recently :)...these were taken at Big Bear Ranch, next door.

UPDATE 2: Joanne rightly guessed this was hoarfrost, which, till now, I'd only experienced in novels (much like gibbous moons).

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