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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do those look like udders to you?

Yes, that is a picture of 'Brownie's' back side. We are about six to eight weeks from discovering if our sheep are in fact pregnant for sure. They do seem to be quite eager to see me at feeding time...a possible sign that they are in the last stage of their pregnancy. My neighbour Gigi suggested that if they develop teets or udders, that will be a sure sign. So every now and again you will find me crouched on the ground in the sheep pen staring up at their undersides. The sheep are a little curious about this new pastime...but mostly remain unphased by what us strange humans get up to.

This is Brownie's better side :)

So while we are waiting for our little lambs we have been busy getting the sheep shed ready. We got the bulk of it done in early December...when the weather was a frigid -35 degrees celsius. Brrr!

This is the mostly finished product...the metal roofing will be put on in the spring.

The barn is divided between the chickens on one side...

and the sheep have the other, slightly larger side...

Erich is getting quite good at these beautiful "Z" doors :)

The chickens are looking so much healthier and have even begun laying for us again!! This week-end I will be spending some time removing the straw from the chicken side, which I discovered is not the greatest bedding for chickens...and replacing it with wood shavings. A recent visit to our cousins who build timberframe homes ( Zirnhelt Timberframes) has provided us with a wealth of chicken bedding...

woo hooo....I tell you the things that I get excited about these days :)

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  1. In my experience, my ewes didn't show a 'bag' until one or two weeks before birthing. And I hear that they can be very individual - some have hardly any 'bag' at all. I can't wait to see if you have lambs!