A diary of the projects, hurdles, rewards and family life at we recorded at Wise Acres, our former homestead in Horsefly, BC. (Careers and teenagers have forced us back into the city, at least for a little while.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Week: A Collage by Numbers

1 - shed door mounted
2 - dogs fed, watered and entertained
1 - clothesline. empty (note the also-empty hammock, which is why the clothesline is now empty)
10 - brews of stovetop espresso - the BEST way to make coffee
3 - salads spun (bringing to mind a well-maintained washing machine)
10 - inches of circular saw power cord removed in a very unplanned and instantaneous fashion (and over 20 inches of red electrical tape used in repairing it to act as a reminder)
16 - varieties of garden crops watered daily
7 - ice cream bars enjoyed at almost spiritual levels
18 - radishes eaten, with a nice pale ale often nearby (nice, as in good enough to drink and available at the local store, but not my number one choice in a well-stocked pub)
10 - eggs, provided by the 'girls', eaten at dinner time (several dinner times - I'm not a pig, after all, barring ice cream...)
10 - hours of walking the Appalachian Trail with Bill Bryson, after killing thousands of virii on the WiiWare version of Dr.Mario
3 - hens fed, watered, and shooed away in various tones of voice and with varied implements- they are very sociable, but I tend not to be when working on a shed... I found the drill worked best (don't worry - it was a robertson head)


  1. I love Bill Bryson's writing and A Walk in the Woods is one of my favourites of his(Notes from a Small Island is my other favourite).
    Last year, while camping at Mt. Robson, I was sitting outside reading his book, swatting at myself in a desperate attempt to kill the mosquitos that were eating me alive and laughing hysterically at his writing. My Dad was watching me out the window of his trailer and came out and told me that anyone watching me would think I was completely crazy.

  2. Hi Heather - I also greatly enjoyed the only other book of his I read, A Short History of Nearly Everything. I wasn't sure if I'd like his non-science stuff as much, but a friend recommended this one when I told him about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I'm definitely a fan now!

  3. Oh - and yes, this book is best read without witnesses.