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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Cookbook

I bought this cookbook a few months ago, after I previewed it from the library, and I really, really love it! (Click on the image to get the full details) It is organized into seasons in the garden and gives great recipes for local food 'in season'. It also has lots of great tidbits and inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout. Most of the recipes are simple, with a few steps and a handful of ingredients.

So far we have made...marinated tofu with vegetables, apple lentil salad, sweet potato crescent rolls, sausage and apples, naan bread and today I made these whole wheat scones...with our delicious homemade raspberry jam...

Every recipe we've tried has turned out exactly as they said it would and has been delicious.

The book also includes calls to action to support local foods, how to start a dinner co-op, tips for helping children to make healthy choices and beautiful photos of fresh, mouth-watering fruits and vegetables. Did I mention, I love this cookbook?

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