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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Cabin - Part 8: The Ceiling

So far the building is made of mostly spruce and fir, but when it came time to pick a ceiling, I went with a cottonwood/aspen mix. I chose this because the cost wasn't much more, I could still get it from a local producer, and it's very pale, making for a higher-feeling head space.
Once again Florian came over to help, along with his compressor and staple gun. We stopped by Leading Edge, Horsefly's own lumber mill (who have incredible flooring and other wood products) and picked up enough aspen tongue-and-groove ceiling planks to fill 140 square feet. We chose 14+ foot lengths so we didn't have to mess around with connections - each piece ran the entire length of the room.

We had to fight the downward pressure of the insulation most of the way. I don't know how I would have done this without Florian's help or his nail gun.

We started around 4pm, stopped for dinner (great meatballs by Joanne!) and pushed through till we were done at 10pm. The light fixture slowed us down for about a half hour, but otherwise it was pretty smooth going.

I also picked up some cedar trim to install around the windows and door, but that will have to wait till after we've finished chinking.

Location:Horsefly, BC

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