A diary of the projects, hurdles, rewards and family life at we recorded at Wise Acres, our former homestead in Horsefly, BC. (Careers and teenagers have forced us back into the city, at least for a little while.)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Setting down roots...

(Sorry for the lack of pictures and posting lately...my camera is kaput!)

It has been almost one year since we moved to Horsefly. It was a big leap for us to move out here and lots of folks thought we may have been making a mistake...but I have to say, it really feels like we have found our bliss and we truly love it here.

Yes we have really put down some roots here...literally! (Imagine a picture of three apple trees, two cherry trees and five raspberry bushes). Recently we headed over to the Horsefly Nursery to pick up the apple trees that Erich's Dad and Yvonne had bought for us last year. While we were there we picked up a few more raspberries, two cherry trees and reserved a few crab apple trees for the Fall. On our way home, Erich and I talked about how unusual it was for us to plan for so far into the future, since these trees won't fruit for at least three to five years. We've moved seven times since we have been together. I like the lessons of patience and planning this is teaching us. While we have done a lot in the past year, we also have a list of projects on our wish list and have decided we will take our time and do them right, since we hope they will last a long time.

Recently I have also noticed a really cool custom amongst gardening folk...the passing on of plants, cuttings, roots, herbs etc. I love looking around the yard at the lilac that Auntie Marg passed on to us that Erich's Grandmother originally planted at the lake or the herbs that Auntie Candace gave me from her patch or the rhubarb that Auntie Susan passed along that she inherited when they first moved to the valley, or the chives, borage and lovage that Gigi gave me. I look forward to being able to continue the tradition some day.