A diary of the projects, hurdles, rewards and family life at we recorded at Wise Acres, our former homestead in Horsefly, BC. (Careers and teenagers have forced us back into the city, at least for a little while.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Keeping it simple...

Well the house is listed...so now we wait. While getting our house ready, we did a fair bit of decluttering. This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time but always got overwhelmed at the sheer volume of stuff we have to go through. As often happens...we got down to the crunch so this time instead of sorting through the clutter ( a huge job) we basically just pulled out all the non-essentials, put them in bins and sent them off to storage...kind of cheating really. But...I am so enjoying being in our clutter-free house! I am amazed at how much it affects my state of mind...I just feel so much lighter. It makes sense, but I'm just surprised at how much different I feel. That feeling of ...I just can't do another thing...has been replaced by ...sure let's do some crafts (especially now that we have all this counter space to let things dry!).

Our new house at Wise Acres is approximately half of the square footage of our current place so by necessity, we will have to streamline this operation, and I am really looking forward to it! Over the last few months I have been siphoning off the toys that get little attention and by the time we move, I hope to be down to the much loved, and most played with items.

Watching the girls play this afternoon has confirmed for me what I have been learning over the last year or so and that is...simple is best. All of our backyard toys are packed away at the moment so I pulled out a bucket, filled it with some water and handed them some paint brushes and rollers I had in the garage. These items kept all of them busy for most of the afternoon, when they finished up here:

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