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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Cabin - Part 11: Chinking the outside

At this point I've been working in the cabin for about six months, and during the summer I haven't had to worry about heat retention.

Now, as it's cooler, I've been feeling the heat escape more quickly than desired, and I finally got around to chinking the outside to help stop it.

Here's my first attempt, on two rows on the far side of the cabin...

I wasn't that happy with it. Inside, it had been less of an issue because I used a spatula to spread the chink, and then sanded the excess afterwards.

On the outside, sanding wasn't an option because the logs weren't planed smooth. Also, I had stained the cabin a few weeks ago in preparation for the easier cleanup after chinking.

So I invited out good neighbor and friend Florian to finish for me. He's got a far better hand for this kind of detail work.

The final result, a few days later, is far more impressive thank to him.

I now just have to trim the outside windows, and if I have time, skirt around the bottom.

The stain does look good though.

Location:Horsefly, BC

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